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stock yards sign

Texan History Comes Alive

Fort Worth Stockyards Hotel

Historic Tapestry of Fort Worth Stockyards

Experience the captivating allure of the Fort Worth Stockyards right at your fingertips when you stay at Kimpton Harper Hotel. Nestled just 3 miles away from this iconic district, our hotel offers unparalleled proximity to the vibrant cowboy culture and rich history of the Stockyards. Immerse yourself in the excitement of daily cattle drives, explore western-themed attractions, and indulge in the lively atmosphere of this historic destination. Whether you're here for the rodeo, live music at Billy Bob's Texas, or to simply soak in the Old West charm, our convenient location makes Kimpton Harper Hotel the perfect choice for your Stockyards adventure. Discover comfort, style, and an unforgettable experience just moments away from the heart of hotels in Stockyards Fort Worth.

Culinary Delights + Events in Cow Town

As you explore the Stockyards, we encourage you to discover the culinary delights and local flavors that Fort Worth has to offer. Venture out to nearby dining establishments such as Cattlemen's Fort Worth Steakhouse, Hunter Brothers H3 Ranch, Los Vaqueros, and Provender Hall, serving up delectable dishes crafted from fresh, local ingredients. Enhance your experience by attending local events and immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of our city. For recommendations on where to dine and upcoming events in the Stockyards area, feel free to check out our curated list of nearby restaurants and events. Whether you're craving authentic Texas barbecue or eager to experience live music at a local honky-tonk, there's something for everyone to enjoy just steps away from our hotel. Experience the best of Fort Worth's culinary scene and entertainment offerings during your stay at Kimpton Harper Hotel, your premier choice among hotels close to Stockyards.